Sunday, March 3, 2013

K2 The Wait Continues

Coming up to the 2nd week from ordering the K2 so I’m hoping it should arrive in the next few days, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes another week. Sometimes customs are pretty good and things go through quickly and sometimes it can take forever. 

Meantime I’ve been playing with the OHR100-A and getting some pretty good QSOs all over Europe, it really is a great little rig, the receiver is very sensitive and picks up weak signals just as well as my FT1000MP V but of course I have all the filters for the FT and so can narrow everything down. With the OHR100 you’re a little limited but providing the QRM isn’t too bad and using the bandwidth you can have some fun with just 5 watts.

I’ve taken the two meter yagi down, I just wasn’t using it and I could put the rotator to much better use with something like a Hex or another Moxon. Two meters is fairly quiet round here and to be honest I rarely chat on the bands, looking in the log my last conversation on the radio was over two years ago! With the Yagi and the 50MHz inverted V both sitting doing nothing I might just advertise with the local club just to see if anyone wants them or maybe just dismantle them both.

 Re another antenna we’ll see what I can come up with once I’ve done a bit more research. I am limited in what size I can use, having a cobweb, a 30m vertical and an inverted V all up in the garden does clog things up and a great big Hex or Moxon might not go down too well!


  1. I too have waited for items from Elecraft to clear customs. I have track a parcel from the U.S and to hit the boarder it only takes 2 or so days. I have then had it sit in customs for over a week...or longer.

    1. Hi Mike, Interesting what you say about customs. I had to wait quite a while for my OHR 100A to clear (if I remember it was about 2 weeks). I emailed the UK Elecraft supplier this week deciding that I had given them enough time, they had originally said the order would take roughly 2 weeks. Yesterday I received a reply, evidently Elecraft were currently out of K2 stock and the UK supplier would inform me of a timescale as soon as they heard. I promptly checked out the Elecraft website and it says K2s are in stock.......(I smell a rat!) Me thinks my order had been either misplaced or forgotten!! Hopefully I shall have news soon.
      73s Richard