Wednesday, February 20, 2013

K2 Ordered

The money has been handed over and the K2 order is in, now it's the wait .......possibly a whole 2 weeks! 

To think it was only back in June last year that I started my QRP quest with the little old Rockmites then the OHR100 A,  now I'm ordering the kit I've always wanted. I've feel I've come a long way since June 2012 and am quite ready for the challenge, in fact I'm really looking forward to it. 

All the Elecraft reviews I've read point towards how good the kits are and the great support the company provides. Fingers crossed I wont need too much support but it's nice to know its there should I need it.

In the next few days I'm going to join the K2 build forums and have a good read, naturally once the kit has arrived I will publish how I get on, so obviously watch this space.


  1. The K2 is a great rig I am in the process of building my second K2. I am in the process of putting together another blog dealing with the K2 build. Its not far along but is at I h.have only been working on it for about 2 weeks. Anyway back to the K2 and QRP a very nice radio and you will find lots of info to read about these rigs. Take your time and enjoy the build!!

  2. Mike, Many thanks for the note, I will indeed look up your blog and take as much info as I can.
    2nd K2? Sounds a bit like my Rockmites, you get addicted!
    Regards - Richard M0AUW

  3. Good morning Richard, yes the Elecraft product is great and I got the second K2 for the winter build and in the spring it will be up for sale. The funds from that will be used most likely for another K2 for the next winter build. I will be adding to the site each week and when the build starts (I hope within the next week) there will be updates on that. I also plan on posting a page in that blog about toroid winding as I know lots of folks fear that....and really they are no big deal.
    Have a good weekend Richard and thanks for checking out the new blog.