Wednesday, June 3, 2015

50 HMz

Keeping up with the amateur fraternity is quite a business these days, I notice on the new FT 2000 D I have 50 MHz or 6M availability, I've never used 6M before so it might fun but first I've got to build an antenna. What to build? Something quick and easy, probably a 5/8 vertical I think! I've got some old aluminium  tubing somewhere about, it's an old vertical I had for 18 meters I suspect I'll be able to re arrange length and add a ground plane of some sort to make a 50 MHz antenna. It be interesting to see how the take off point is for 6 meters around here I'm told it's quite good!

Well its up and running and results are not too bad lots of Europeans but I need to get to know the band to find out more information. The picture is showing the antenna low, normally when in use I raise the pole to around twenty feet.

The cobweb is now progressing I changed my mind and am going to complete the G3TXQ version as the G3TPW has given me lots of problems its early complete the but the measurements may be out and after the first SWR readings I gave up I don't need the hassle when I feel like I do! So far I have completed two of the elements 20 and 18 and am awaiting further speaker cable and have started on the frame there's no doubt I didn't get the frame quite right for the G3TPW so I've gone back to the basics and re-read my own description of how I did it (far easier!) I  couldn't understand how I managed the fibreglass poles to sit in the clamps and not be crushed before, then I realised they sat in their own metal sheaths!

Still a fair way to go yet but if I can get the cobweb  performing like the other I'll be well pleased! I've got the poles to sort whether to use the fibreglass ones or the old lightweight wooden ones. 
Then there's finishing off the elements I should think that will take me a few days.

I haven't a clue what to do with it when I finished perhaps I may sell it see what happens I could always start a cobweb business!