Monday, December 28, 2015

When something goes wrong!

I had a great pre Christmas plan to sell some stuff on eBay and then with the money provided I could buy  some new toy to play with after Christmas.
All was going well and according to plan, I'd sold a Microreader, a datong morse tutor and another few bits and pieces. Then it began to go wrong the micro reader didn't arrive at the buyers address and now we are in the process of claiming from the great British postal emporium and me having to refurbish the buyer.

Not the best of outcomes but I've heard of the things happening before and unfortunately it's now happened to me! No doubt I'll pay the money and then all of a sudden it will be returned to me, or turn up at the buyers postal address...typical!

I'm a bit stuck antenna wise at the moment because my MFJ 359 has been borrowed by a friend so I am at a loss without it and cannot design, fix or play antennas at the moment which is rather frustrating. I'd like to do some checks on my latest 30 meter offering at the moment because the SWR is not quite 1:1 its  more like 1:5/1:9 and rising probably because of all the gales we've been having but it could definitely do with a service and a quick check more for my sake and sanity.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and Santa provided some good radio equipment for you all, I did rather well especially with a new fire extinguisher for my shack which hopefully I'll never have to use in anger!
I also had a rather nice morse key arrive which is taking a bit of time to get used to but with a little practise I should get there. It's an old Murphy admiralty key which presumably must have some history, but searching via Google I haven't had much luck.

Especially as it has the old call sign of a previous owner. But I will do some more searching and no doubt some information will appear.

Some of you will notice I've changed the layout and design of the Blog, simply because it's the start of the new year and I definitely wish to start 2016 with a brand new attitude and purpose. 2015 was a ghastly year with bad health for me and others in my family. Bring 2016 let's have a nice new start!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Another QRP Kit

I'm beginning to think about building another kit, although what to build is the question, I'm getting the itchy feet syndrome!
I fancy something small like 3/7 watts of power but with a bit of intrigue in the building process to keep me interested. I'm looking at Pacific Antenna they have a nice tri-bander the KD1JV which looks pretty neat and I could set it up for 40, 20 and 30 meters band.

It doesn't look too difficult to build after all I have built a K2! So  it shouldn't be too bad the only problem I have is alignment but I'd cross that bridge when I come to it.
That would certainly keep me busy for a while and use my brain a bit which would make a nice change!

The QRP kits are becoming more and more popular now, especially on sites like eBay I noticed Hong Kong and China are selling lots of cheap 40m kits but only 40m, can't understand why surely there's a call for the other bands.

I 'm a bit suspicious about the 40m instructions, which tends to put me off, if they supplied more details in their adverts I would be more confident in purchasing them.
I find the instructions can definitely make or break a kit and the satisfaction you have in building, if you go through a difficult process it's not much fun. So I've been checking their reviews to see what others buyers have said but it only seems to be for other items not 40m kits!

To all my readers have a happy Christmas and New Year and lets hope 2016 is a good year for Radio!