Monday, August 24, 2015

The Club Field Weekend

The local club, CARA (Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association) has a field day coming up over the UK bank holiday which is the 28th August 2015. We will be on air for most of the weekend so there will be lots of different things to try out. This is quite good for me because I can really get down to practising some CW and it’s literally just down from the house and so the take off point is some 700’ above sea level which is very good and we won’t just be having local contacts we should be transmitting out all over the place! 

I'm bringing my Rock mites that I haven’t used for a while and some antennas that have been laying in my shed doing nothing. There’s a twenty and a  forty metre antenna and I’ve got the old 50 Mhz antenna somewhere so we should have some fun, especially as some members are staying up all night to see who they can contact. So anybody across the pond look out for the club call sign GB5BK or my call sign M0AUW over that weekend for a good chat! Or maybe you like to set a sked ....Gives a shout!