Sunday, March 31, 2013

K2 Front Panel Completed

The front panel is now completed and so far the build is going well, a few minor issues where there have been some solder dry joints and bridges but nothing major. With the Easter break upon us I’ve had a few work free days so that I have managed to make a good start and things are progressing nicely and hopefully I’m ahead of schedule.

My old vinyl record disc anti static mat makes and Ideal building pad and attached to my anti static wrist band I happily work away with the radio playing some background rock music and drinking vast amounts of coffee! 

I picked up an interesting tip for checking dry joint which is to hold up a bright torch behind the PCB board and check each joint; pinpricks of light will appear if the solder is dry or incomplete.

 Resistance tests on each completed PCB board were a little worrying as my experience with a DMM is not great but a quick lesson on the web got me started and the tests were not as bad as I thought. 

 It’s noticeable that if I work too long I make silly errors, so I must pace myself and remember that mistakes can happen when you have been over doing it!

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