Friday, August 10, 2012

Rock-Mite 20 Arrival

The Rock-Mite 20 arrived this week and I’m hoping to have it built over the weekend. I’ve got myself in to the habit of checking everything by lining all the parts up in an old foam pad before I start the build. 

So far everything is there so I can go ahead and start soldering U1 the only Surface mount piece, this is probably the trickiest bit to get right, but if you take your time and solder with care you should be OK.

I’ve also taken Colin M0CGH advice from the Yahoo RM forum about replace the D5 diode 4v7 with a 5v1 zener which should give RX/TX shift of around 700Hz instead of the 400Hz from the 4v7. 

Do you like the anti-static mat? This is an old disc Record mat that I've had for years and never actually placed on the record player, I knew it would come in handy one day!

The parts laid out for checking

Further updates to follow and hopefully some more pictures as the build progresses. 

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