Saturday, August 4, 2012

Finally a QSO With The Rock-Mite

The stereo key jack arrived on Friday from Wonderlabs and I installed it in to the RM40 that evening, Soldering completed I plugged in the key and all worked well. 

I had a quick attempt at calling CQ but the band was noisy and I knew pretty well straight away I wasn’t going to get answer.

This morning I gave it another shot but after an hour of key tapping I gave up as all seemed quiet and had a play with the FT 1000MP V instead. 
Then as these things seem to happen I gave it one more shot around lunchtime and within a few minutes bingo, I got a reply! 

G0OTT in Coventry gave me a 559 and we exchanged a quick QSO as there was heavy QSB but I was chuffed to bits. I had built my first transceiver and finally had a QSO even if it was only 42 miles away. 

I will have some more fun tomorrow seeing how far I can make contact, I've got to beat Coventry! Just waiting for the Rock-Mite 20 to arrive now and I have to say I can’t wait, I’m really beginning to get the bug!

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