Monday, August 20, 2012

First QSO with the RM 20

Just completed my first QSO with the 20 meter Rockmite.

After returning home from work I decided to fire up the RM 20 to see what was about. The band was pretty quiet so I prepared myself for a CQ call when all of a sudden a station came up right bang on the frequency calling CQ.

I quickly replied with my callsign and Erkki, OH7QR came back immediately and gave me a nice 579 report with some QSB.

Well it took a while but the conditions were not brilliant over the weekend, lots of noise, so I've had to wait patiently and just bide my time for the band to quieten down.

I'm pleased as punch, a distance of 1346 miles with power roughly at 800mw on a 9v battery.

I love this QRP stuff!

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