Saturday, August 11, 2012

RM-20 Build Gets Started

I managed to start the build for the RM20 yesterday and so far I have soldered the Surface mount chip and added the resistors and all the Capacitors. Just the Crystals and diodes to go and finally all the controls.

I've left out R5 as I have the volume pot and also R18 which is a 10 ohm resistor as I'm going to replace the final transistor 2N2222 and therefore reduce the value of R18 but I'll put in sockets so that I can adjust the value.

It's looking good so far, a much cleaner attempt than when I was making the RM-40 but I guess that's to be expected as you get better with practice. I was hoping to have it completed by the end of the weekend, but since I'm upgrading I will need to wait for the spare parts so it looks like it will be completed mid week.

Some good news on the RM-40, I managed to have a QSO with an MI station in Northern Ireland some 250 miles away. Mick in Armagh gave me a 449 which in the circumstances was not bad and we had a good QSO. I'll try and break that distance record this weekend!

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