Friday, September 16, 2011

The Cobweb is Back Up

Last evening I managed to pop up a ladder and re raise the mast so that the Cobweb is back up to 35 feet. I’ve decided to keep the Mystery antenna up in the silver birch and have raised the 30 meter inverted V on the mast via a flag pulley system. I did a quick check with the antenna analyzer and everything was spot on with a good 1.2:1 swr at 10.120 MHz.

Interestingly though when using the auto tuner on the FT1000 Mk V it tunes as normal until you get to10.107, for some reason between 10.100 to 10.107 it struggles, but eventually after 10 seconds or so tunes up. It’s the same on 40 meters down around 7.000 - 7.007 the ATU struggles. I thought this was just the limit of the bandwidth for each antenna, but when doing a check with the analyzer the readings are still good, I think the trouble is I was so used to my old FT 990 that used to tune anything that I expect all auto tuners to be instantaneous which of course is not the case.
Anyway it’s no big deal as the system all works well and I can happily transmit and receive with no issues.

Very tempted now to start thinking about some sort of Top Band antenna, although what sort/type, I just don't know yet. I have the usual constraints, limited room and limited height, but that's half the fun, trying to work out what will fit and to get the optimum performance!

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