Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Search Continues

The story continues for the ultimate 30 meter DX antenna but so far with little luck. However I should point out that my little inverted vee performed remarkably well this week by having two contacts with US stations, one from Connecticut and the other from Texas the latter I am particularly proud of.
Got some good contacts with the home brew cobweb especially a couple of stations from Japan, so all things considered I’m pleased as punch since all my antennas are home made. 

Searching around the shack I have realized I have a number of antennas sitting there doing absolutely nothing, a Carolina Windom, a standard Windom, a Mystery Antenna and a 30 meter Delta Loop and my 30 meter Vertical, seeing some of the stuff that’s being sold on EBay I thought I might give a go at selling them off, or if that doesn’t work giving them away to a worthy cause, well see what happens and I’ll let you know!

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