Monday, October 10, 2011

Radio 4 and the Long Wave Band

Evidently only ten remain and if they were to be replaced with newer valves and these were slightly faulty then all sorts of problems could occur.

So how, does one ask, did they get round this in the old days? Presumably there was some test facility (a dummy load of sorts) or something similar. You’d think with all the thousands of radio Amateurs around the country or for that matter around the world who still use valves for their transmitters and receivers would be able to advise the BBC on valve manufacturing and service and would it really cost millions of pounds to build a new long wave transmitter?

I have to be honest here, I don’t trust the digital age, I don’t like the fact that the frequencies are pre set and that I have no choice in being able to wander the bands to select what I want, I suspect I’m not alone in this thinking. I for one will be hanging on to my old radios for as long as I can, so that I’m free to roam the airwaves and select what I want to listen to!

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