Friday, November 9, 2012

Audio Amplifier Kit

Still waiting for the Oak Hills Research 20 meter kit to arrive although strangely the LED kit turned up the other day, but nothing else. 

So I’ve been tidying up the shack and getting all my soldering irons cleaned up in readiness for the big day. I also purchased an audio amp kit this time with a bit more power 7 watts, my home brew audio amp is fine but lacks oomph. The new amp works well with the RMs and just means I can listen out to who is around when out of the shack in my other workshop.

I've also had ago at installing the CW filter I bought from Hamshops, and although it works  I don't think I've set it up correctly. when I add a 9v battery there is no change in sound so the small amp doesn't seem to be working. Without the battery the filter continues to work but all received signals are just quieter and there doesn't seem to be any filtering. I suspect when I originally built the filter I messed up the soldering of the amplifier hence its not working, however I will carry out further tests and see if I can find out the problem.

All three RockMites are now safely in the shack and used most days when I have the chance to play radio. I've had some good contacts especially with the 20 meter RM where I've gone over 1k miles which I'm pretty pleased about. The 30 and 40 get good contacts with Europe and the average distance is around 500 miles which is nothing to be sniffed at.

In fact the shack is looking pretty good a the moment and I'm amazed how it slowly filled up with various bits of kit. So I had a bit of a spring clean and re-organised things especially as I know I'm going to have to find room for the extra OHR 100A. In my haste to clean up I dropped my old Trio 2 meter handheld, it still switches on but there is no sound I've checked the speaker connections and they are all working so I suspect it's something a little more serious, never mind it will keep me occupied during those winter months, or it's an excuse to go out and buy myself a new one!

Do you like my old Royal Enfield in the top right corner?

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