Friday, November 23, 2012

Lost OHR 100A and TH-215E Problems

Still no sign of the OHR100A! I contacted Marshall at Oak Hills Research and he advised me to wait another week, before approaching USPS, but I have to admit I’m beginning to worry, I have ordered a few items from the US and they haven’t taken this long.
My only hope is that the package is stuck in the UK customs and it will hopefully arrive in the next couple of days. Looking on the USPS website Marshall kindly gave me a tracking number but all I see it that it was last seen in Jamaica NY on the 04/11, after that there’s no further information. It’s typical you build yourself up ready for your next project and then it doesn’t arrive!
Whilst waiting for the OHR100A I’ve been trying to figure out what is wrong with my old 2M TH-215E handheld. It switches on fine and even transmits ok but there is no sound coming from the speaker.
Using the MMD I’m getting output from the speaker and if I hold it close to my ear I can just make out the squelch, so I think it’s more likely it is the pot playing up. I’ve dismantled the radio and have attempted to give the pot a really good clean with some switch cleaning lubricant.

 The disassembled radio, on initial inspection all looks ok.

I’ve checked the PCB and can find no cracks or any sort of damage so at the moment I’m slightly at a loss as to where to progress from there. 

I've given the pots a really good clean but they are sealed units which does not help, so it's a case of gently feeding in the lubricant and turning the pot back and forth.

The speaker looks ok and I've checked the connections with the MMD and am getting output.

I suppose the options are that I make sure the extension speaker plug is not cancelling out the internal speaker, check all the traces to the speaker and last case scenario try and find another pot and replace the old one. ................Anyone had a similar problem let me know!

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