Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another QRP Kit

Well I’ve gone an ordered another kit, this time it’s the Oak Hills Research OHR100A
I suppose once I’d seen it I knew it was the next sensible step up from the RockMites, I’ve chosen the 20 meter version, I did think about the 30 meter but quite honestly the last RM I built was for 30 meters and its working so well that I really don't need another rig for that particular band at the moment.
This rig has a bit more power 5 watts, so I should get a lot more first time contacts, thats the one thing about RMs, you have to be patient when calling CQ!
I'm really looking forward to it's arrival I think I'm definitely addicted to QRP building and this should be fun. Not sure how long it takes to dispatch but also I will need to take into consideration all the problems that hurricane Sandy may bring so I need to be patient.
I’ve also ordered the extra 10 turn VFO tuning pot and the LED kit, I thought I might as well get everything straight away.

This build will really be the prototype for the main event the K2, so I hope I find it fairly straight forward in construction and also put in to practise all that I have learned when building the RockMites.
Providing all goes well I will add photos and descriptions as I go along, might prove interesting for some budding home builders. If it’s all successful then I will certainly start looking at the K2 but I doubt I will get that until sometime next year.

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