Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oner Stockton Wattmeter

To get an idea of QRP power and SWR for the RockMites I bought the "Oner" Stockton Wattmeter from Kanga Products

It comes in kit form and is a simple circuit and fairly easy to put together. I suspect many QRPers will know of it and what a useful bit of kit it can be. It only took me half a day to put together and now at least I have a more accurate means of measurement. 

I had an old enclosure that was able to use to fit the kit, the hole for the meter was a bit too large, but a bit of tape fixed the problem otherwise all the other connectors and parts fitted in nicely!

I'm at a bit of a loss now, no more RockMites to build and although I'm having fun operating them I need some kits to build, I've obviously become an addict! I think I've said before I've got my eye on the 5 watt CW kit from Oak Hills Research or possibly the similar CW kit from Hendricks.
We'll just have to wait and see and to be more precise what I can afford!

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  1. Hi, re wondering what to build, I built an OHR 100A and it is an excellent rig, easy to align, very well laid out and gets lots of calls back. If you can hear a signal you can probably work it, Calif kilowatts aside. Highly recommended. Haven't done a Hendricks kit but am thinking about them.
    Cheers VE7TTJ