Friday, July 1, 2016

Building a Six Meter Dipole

 I have finally got round to building a six meter dipole. I searched the web for some ideas and came up with this simple dipole just to get me started.

At a later stage once I've got the idea of how the band works with its various different segments I'll build a small Yagi.

In the meantime, this is very simple , two approximate 5ft aluminium poles (to start before trimming) about 10 mm circumference screwed together on a piece of curved wood for support and strength. Then connected with some heavy duty electrical wire to an SO 239 female connector. The whole lot has then been attached via screw through the wood to some old plastic bread board I cut to size and then mounted on a fibre glass 20ft pole.

The basic layout of the 6 meter dipole

The SO 239 connector is used for the PL259 plus cable at the back


The whole antenna fixed to the fibreglass pole with a nice shot of the cobweb and other inverted V's in the background!
So far on receiving I am getting some good signals and the MFJ readings are indicating 1:1 over the CW portion of the band and 1:2/3 further up towards SSB. I'm yet to transmit as the band hasn't been open in time for me to get going.
But it's early days yet and I am sure I can improve things with this antenna or playing around with a more directional antenna, and I'll update as I go forward.

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