Wednesday, June 15, 2016

M0AUW Goes SDR part 2

Well I've received the CAT connector and all it consists of is one cable a mini CD ! Presumably the mini CD is for the drivers but we'll see. First I have to load up the OmniRig application which is the software for connecting the HRSDR app to the rig. Once that installed I connect up the rig to the PC via the CAT and start calibrating the settings.

So I managed to successfully install OmniRig with the drivers from the mini CD.
Looking within HDSR at the OmniRig partition, I've got to work out what settings will be required to operate the Ft2000 with the PC. Unfortunately there's no set up instructions so I've been busy on the web trying to find some sort of help with regard to setup. The nearest thing I can find is set ups for other rigs but it gives me a general idea of what to do.


Clicking on Options in HDSDR you can discover the OmniRig setup, but I had no idea how to proceed, so a lot of it was trial and error till something happened. I had a particular problem with the Baud rate on the picture below, I just couldn't get the rig to connect to the OmniRig try as might it just didn't want to know. Then I set the Baud rate to 48000 and bingo it seemed to spring in to life and I suddenly found the volume had increased and strange things were happening when I moved the mouse!
I'm still trying to find my way round the application, but it does add some interest when you can see all these potential signals on the screen. So I'm just going to keep plugging away and see where I get to and hopefully by the rate I'm going, that should be by the end of the week!

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