Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sending CW with confidence and QRP Work With the OHR 100A

I'm still having some minor trouble with my CW sending in only that I have this fear of sending, it's all due to confidence from post stroke, I'm rectifying by deliberately sending a QSO everyday trying to gain confidence and thankfully it does seem to be working, although local chit chat on CW is rather monotonous!

It's similar to my speech which in all fairness you wouldn't really notice, but I'm a bit self conscious and know that I'm a bit quieter than normal. Hopefully I can gain some voice experience on Sideband, deliberately talking to all manner of Amateurs, eventually I'm sure I will lose the nerves!!

Radio wise its fairly quiet at the moment with just European stations popping up I haven't heard many US or Canadian or for that matter DX in general, I think its just fairly slack but occasionally you do hear the odd station from some distance.

So I'm mainly doing QRP work with local stuff using the Ft2000D on low power or the OHR 100A at 5 watts. This is a pretty neat QRP rig that the XYL bought a few years back as a prelude to me building the K2. I really like it, probably use it as much as the K2  because its so easy to set up and use. The receive capability is very good for such a small kit and the only pain is it tends to drift on warm up, but that is on for the first ten minutes and then it's fine for operating.

The  OHR 100A kit was fairly easy to build, the only practise I'd had beforehand in kit building were the Rock Mites, so I was really starting from a early building position and I found little problems with the OHR 100A.
It's set for 20 meters and does a good job and banging out CW at 14.060 I can guarantee in good conditions I'll get an answer with nice RST reports. If you are thinking of a 20 or 30 meter kit I'd certainly recommend the OHR 100A and its not that expensive either! The only pain when purchasing for UK buyers is it comes from the USA so you have to pay £30 import duty.
Here's the site:

The OHR 100A
The box on top is a home brew frequency counter, very useful.
Very easy to build and produce good results.

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