Monday, July 23, 2012

Rock-Mite Update

After wiring up different mini jacks with various combinations I was beginning to think that I had totally lost the plot and that the Rock-Mite was going to become a little receiver, never to be able to transmit in anger.
I could not understand what I was doing wrong; I had followed the instructions from the manual and taken all the advice from the Rock-Mite forums yet still when pressing the key I got dits only.
Finally when once more reverting back to the Yahoo forum a message appeared from Dave Benson of Wonder labs to say he’d realised a mistake had been made in recent orders and that the jack plugs that had been sent out were mono instead of stereo, hence the reason for my problem.
So I was not going mad after all there was a simple explanation. Dave naturally apologised and is in the process of sending out the correct item which hopefully will arrive this week.
In the meantime I think I mentioned before that I have been doing some QRP with the FT1000 MP V and had a great success last night when I got an Italian station with 0.5 watts, although he replied with an RST of 569 but then sent “I do no QRP” and promptly wished me 73s and signed off!
Ah well at least I knew that I could get out with the home made W3DZZ on half a watt.
If all goes well with the RM 40 I am already planning the sequel..................the RM20; watch this space!

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