Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Portable 40 Meter Antenna Ideas

I need to have a portable antenna for the Rock-Mite 40.
Somewhere hidden away I have an old 30 meter loop that I was experimenting with and I remember finding it very easy to set up and dismantle. I’m just wondering if I could build a 40 meter loop and try having a play with that, obviously a 40 meter loop is a little bigger than 30.
 Alternatively I could build a vertical but hanging 60 odd feet could have some problems. A way round it might be to do some sort of helical or coil, the only limitation maybe the band width but that really doesn’t matter for the Rock-Mite.  
I don’t want to do anything complex, I want to make it as simple as possible and easy to set up, I’ve had a quick look on the web and found a few ideas, notably KH6JRM who has come up with a fairly simple idea which might fit in with what I’m after.
It’s ridiculous really I have various antennas dotted around my shed which include a Mystery antenna, a radio works Carolina Windom for 40 meters, a standard homebrew Windom complete with 4:1 balun set up for 40 and loads of 14 gauge wire, I’m sure I can manage to make something suitable for portable use!
Still awaiting the arrival of my stereo key connector for the RM40 and the freshly ordered RM20, I’m quite happy to wait though as I’m having fun just listening on the RM40 and playing QRP with the FT1000MP V.

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