Tuesday, June 26, 2012

QRP - Further News

Change of plan with QRP kit building, I said in the last post I was going to build the Kanga Foxx-3 but then I came across the RockMite from Small Wonder Labs. I read the reviews in eham and I was hooked and promptly ordered the 40m meter version.

This is a well-known and proven piece of kit which should be ideal for me to get back in to building. By all accounts from watching various videos on YouTube the build is fairly simple and for your buck you get some great results. It's a really small transceiver that fits in to an altoids tin, hard to believe!

Dave Benson K1SWL has already been in touch and confirmed the order, so I’m just waiting for the package to arrive, hopefully within the next 10 days, can't wait to have ago at building again it should be fun.

The power supply (FP-29) on the Yaesu MK V played up the other day, nothing too serious but the cooling fan failed to work on switch up. It could be any number of reasons but the interesting thing was that I picked up the power supply and turned it upside down and switched it on, the fan instantly came on so it could just be dirty.

I use the Mk V virtually every morning before I go to work so it would not be surprising if dirt is collecting in the fan. I have two labradors and its amazing the dust and dirt they can create as well as all the general household dust.

I try to keep the shack and equipment as clean as possible hoovering and keeping everything clean and tidy just to keep the dust to a minimum but you'll always get some dirt getting through. Basically I need to remove the cover of the power unit, check it and at the same time give it a good clean.

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