Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More QRP

It looks like I've certainly caught the QRP bug, I find myself constantly searching for information regarding kits and builds.

I was surfing the net the other day looking at QRP bits and bobs and came across Colin M0CGH’s radio stuff. I saw that he had built a rock-mite and so asked him a few questions. He very kindly replied back with detailed information and also gave me some great advice and other links re the Rock-Mite and QRP building.
It seems I made the right decision to go for the Rock-Mite and not the Foxx-3 which is good news. I’m still awaiting the arrival of the kit and in the meantime have been on the lookout to see what enclosure I can use as I don’t think I will house the kit in an Altoids tin. There are some very nice aluminium boxes to be had but obviously there is no rush and I will continue searching, something will no doubt pop up.
One thing that did cross my mind was that somewhere hidden away in the shack I know I have an old 12v 5 amp power supply and although I will be using a 9V battery for testing and if I'm out portable, I wondered if I could use that power supply when indoors?

I’m assuming it should be OK, I guess it may produce some hum, but please any experts out there who disagree do let me know.

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