Friday, May 4, 2012

Inrad Filters and the Radial Plate

At last the Inrad filters and receiver mod for the FT 1000 MP V finally have arrived, so today I’ve been busy fitting them all in. A wee bit of soldering was required, but nothing too difficult except I’ve realised my eye sight is definitely going downhill, I found myself having to wear two pairs of glasses just to see exactly what I was doing! I’ve also realised my camera is faulty so I will add a picture when I sort the problem out.  

As I write I haven’t reset the menu settings but will do this when I’ve read up on the manual so I get them spot on. It should be very interesting to hear the difference and of course I will report back.

The ground radial plate for the 30 meter vertical is coming on nicely, I have added the SO239 and drilled all the holes around the edge and begun to measure and trim the wires adding a connector to every three wires. I hope it will make some difference but the irony is I am getting out fairly well because today I had a good QSO with a ham in Tennessee who gave me a 589 report.

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