Friday, November 18, 2011

Update on the Moxon Build

Well it’s finally completed with a mish mash of bits and pieces mostly nicked from the junk box. The only expense was the tubing and two plastic garden stakes for the spacers which I got from a local hardware shop for the princely sum of £24.00.
The SWR readings are spot on at 1:2:1 from 28.050 right up to 28.450 which will do nicely considering I’ll be mostly using it for CW.

Have now got to mount it on to my test mast which I will do over the weekend, I'll then have a play and report back!

A few pictures below; two from the beginning of the rebuild when assembling the old TV boom and making the reflector and one of the finished product in the advancing evening dusk (shows how keen I am)!

 Dismantled after the first attempt where I re-calculated the dimensions, the center block is an old bread board.

 The join for the reflector, a simple bit of carpentry an some jubilee clips

  The finish product in the evening dusk, not bad for a days work!

A final view from  from above!

Well this morning I did some more testing and all is working is it should so connected up to the FT1000 and fired it up, a definite improvement on 10 meters against the cobweb, especially with the Moxon pointed west where the US stations were booming in. The other good news is that with the ATU on the Yaesu I can add 12 meters and had a good CW qso's with a Russian station that gave me  a 579 and then a Japanese station who came back with a 589. The plan now is to find myself a light weight TV rotator and have some fun spinning it round! More updates to follow.

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