Thursday, August 11, 2011

Panic! The Toy Stops Working

Turning on the FT 1000 MP V this morning I checked I was connected to the correct antenna and proceeded to tune up on 30 meters by pressing the ATU button. The transmit indicator appeared but just stayed on transmit there was no movement from the ATU and no sound, it was as if the tranceiver had frozen. I switched off the radio and and then turned it back on, all was back as it should be with the receiver working correctly, so I attempted it again, same thing happened the radio froze. Panic, "I've only had the radio for a week or so, Hell and damn" (or words to that effect), "I'll have to return it to the shop", all these things went through my mind. But then I took a deep breath and had a think and went through each switch to check everything was as it should be, and bingo I found the problem.
............................Can you guess what the problem was?
The Mox button was on; I must have accidently hit it when switching on the radio, one click and panic over!

A further note; I found out when actually sitting down and reading the manual that the ATU stores 39 memories, if you go over this total and try to tune up, the system may well freeze. I suspect many owners will already know this but it's worth mention for the newbies like me!

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