Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frustrating Times

I’ve decided the more I’m learning about antennas the more frustrating it can get. I suppose it’s because I’m a bit of a perfectionist and like to have things set up and working absolutely top notch, if it’s not I find it annoying.

Currently the W3DZZ in the inverted V position is up on my mast and the 30 meter inverted V is hanging off the silver birch tree. The 30 meter is made of uncovered flexi cable and is rubbing against the many leaves and smaller branches, I doubt it makes much difference but I do read that having unprotected wire against the leaves and twigs will not help. The W3DZZ is using standard electric cable about 14 gauge but is covered and the traps are heavily protected, so it would probably be better if I swapped them around, which I shall do this weekend.

I am still not happy with the 30 meter though, I’m sure I can do better and having read up on loops I’m positive I was going wrong with my first attempt. I think I’m now going to have a go with Skywire loops and see if I can progress, if not I still have my vertical which I made some time ago for portable use, maybe I could incorporate that in to my little antenna farm?  

The idea of the 30 meter antenna is purely for DX work so besides having the correct antenna I need to get the positioning right, especially if using the inverted V. The height is unfortunately set at around 35 feet and I can go no higher but I can move the antenna’s azimuth which may help. Having the vertical may prove a better DX antenna in the long run we’ll just have to see.

The cobweb works well especially on 20 and 15 meters where most of the time what I hear I can contact, but the bands are quiet, it’s just not the same as the last sunspot maximum which is a real shame, especially for all the new arrivals to amateur radio, they just don’t know what they are missing!

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