Monday, August 14, 2017

Cable Movement!

Nearing the retirement age does has it compensations, one being the pension money starts to come in! With that in mind the XYL and I have been planning on making the house that little bit more cosy for when we do eventually retire.

One of these plans involves the rear of the house where we plan to replace our present excuse for a conservatory with a proper one that we can actually use. Plans have been drawn up and paperwork has been signed and the removal and rebuilding begins at the end of this month.

Having a shack on the 1st floor of the house above the conservatory with a lot of the coax connections, cables for the rotator and earth wires either going down the side or above means they will probably have to be moved. Which will be a little annoying as I have recently got everything just right for the Yagi and Hustler but for the sake of a new conservatory which we have been waiting for nearly 10 years I suppose I can put up with the disturbance!

In fairness the builders have said that anything underground if pointed out to them they will not disturb, so most of the earth wire and  buried rotator cable should be OK. But I think the coax running just above the roof of the conservatory will be another matter though, well see. I suppose if any cables do need to be removed it will be a good time to service or replace some as they have been up for some time.

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