Sunday, February 12, 2017

An Un-Expected Pleasure on Saturday Morning

Early Saturday morning, first thing I normally do is switch the radio on. It's typical that you build a new antenna and then the band goes quiet on you! In this case it's the 17 meter Moxon, a few European stations can be heard but that's it.

So I decided to take a look round the lower bands to hear what's going on. 80 meters is the usual local traffic with what I jokingly call the amateurs complaining of pains and politics band! Which can be very entertaining, but today I wasn't in the mood. 

Switching up to 40 meters it was mostly European stuff and moving on to 30 I get something similar, but round 10,124 I hear a feint station calling a CQ which takes my interest, cos it's got that echoey sound of distance and no one has picked up on it yet.

A bit of QSB but I can still just hear it calling, I zero in and get the headphones on,  sure enough there it goes again and still nobody has picked it up, wait a sec that's a ZL station ZL3XDJ. In to action I go, filters on, zero the beat, quick ATU check and put the power up and away I go.

M0AUW K pause, back he comes, it's Brian whom I heard a few days back with very nice CW, It does make a difference when you hear good CW! you appreciate the spaces and clarity especially when its DX stuff and especially when you've had a stroke and your brain is just not quite there!

He gave me a 579 and I was so happy, I had a permanent grin on my face all day!

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