Sunday, January 1, 2017

Delta Loop Comes Down Moxon Goes UP!

Happy New Year to all, I trust festivities were good?

09.20 UK time on new year's day and already I've had my first QSO of the year. Is there something wrong with me? The XYL thinks there is!

Yesterday the Delta Loop was brought down and I have built a small stand at one end of the scaffolding pole which is attached to a tilt over section for ease of use, so at the moment it is lying on its side. The simple stand is designed for easy maintenance work on any antenna that I fit on that pole. This is now ready to take the newly built 18m Moxon and will be mounted as soon as I have the 5 core cable for the rotator.

The mast at an angle and the Moxon waiting to be transferred!
The temporary mast will disappear for the moment until another antenna project is in the making, In the meantime the paddock will not resemble a building site (as the XYL states) and normality will return till I get another break off work and it all starts again. The grass has yet to make a real appearance on the new paddock, it didn't help with me installing the stock fence, so I suppose in fairness to the XYL it does look rather a mess at the moment, so much mud!

I do want to explore the intricacies of the Hexbeam , but I worry about the size even though one of its sales pitches say it is for the smaller garden. Also whether to make or purchase, I could try and make a slightly smaller version without the 20 meters, we'll have to wait and see what 2017 brings.

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