Sunday, May 24, 2015

New Toy FT2000D

I think this Stroke recovery  thing has effected me more than I thought!
Gone is the FT 1000 MP Mk V and in comes the FT 2000 D, better receive capability and 200 watts of power. Getting used to the DSP facility is tricky and will take some time but I'm confident I'll get there. I also have managed to pick up a Kenwood TS 570D for a good price off Ebay so I'm doing well at the moment! Now all I need do is sell the FT 1000 MP Mk v (I already have a bid), and build and raise the cobweb antenna and I'll be happy. Lots selling on Flea-bay at the moment, an auto ATU, an old VHF handheld and the filters for the FT 1000. Got to get some money up to offset the  FT 2000 D.

The new FT 2000D

My Morse is gradually improving as the days go by so far I've managed one small QSO with a German station who was very kind and slowed right down for me. This was on The TS 570 which is proving a good back up while I wait to learn about the FT 2000 D. I did think about keeping the FT 1000 MP but I thought it might be too exuberant! And I need some money to offset the price of the FT 2000. The Kenwood will suffice for coming months then I 'll have a think and see what else is about!

The New Looking Shack!

My walking is coming on well and I can now walk with the dogs again which is good news. I can walk about a couple of miles now which isn't bad considering what I've been through. The other noticeable difference since having the stroke and recovering is my CW which is coming along nicely but my writing,  I can't keep up and my receive is suffering for it I need so I need to practice my writing and also do some more  receive work. The Cobweb is coming along slowly I'm having trouble getting some spare parts. You may know the kit I bought is not that good and I have reverted back to my design which needs more parts from eBay. The actual poles I ordered are very good but too thin for my design so I am changing back to light weight wooden design I originally had ( why buy some poles if you have decent wooden ones?)Ah well time flies when you having fun more updates later.

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