Sunday, May 5, 2013

K2/100 Completed

The KPA100 is now completed and after thorough testing I’m glad to report I’m getting 115 watts out of the K2

I have to admit towards the end of the build I was beginning to get a bit tired, I’d taken a lot on but it has been worth it, to build a pristine K2/100 in the such a short period of time cannot be bad. 
I’ve had some ups and downs especially with the PLL oscillator testing which really threw me, but I’ve fulfilled my ambition which was to build my ultimate kit.  

There’s no question if you want a bit of a challenge and something to do during those long winter evenings this is a great kit to build. You have excellent instructions and the knowledge of back up from both Elecraft and the forums should you run in to any difficulties.

Problems associated with these or any kits are normally self administered, e.g. cold solders, soldering bridges or missed components. Rarely do you get a component failure and if by chance you do, Elecraft will simply ship out another to you.

The instructions are extremely good but you must follow them carefully, you cannot jump ahead or miss out pages; you will find yourself open to mistakes which take forever to find and then repair.

I have only one correction in the instructions, that is to include the connectors P3 and P6 in the original build of the K2. These small two pin connectors are  used for connections to the KPA100, they would not effect the K2 if added before hand and it would mean you don't have to remove the bottom cover of the K2, which can be a difficult process.
It’s a real shame when you see the light at the end of the tunnel then you realise you have to open up the K2 bottom cover just to add two pins!

I'm not sure whether to add the SSB option in the near future, knowing me I suspect I probably will, also at some stage I will need an automatic antenna tuner, the SWR on the K2 is very sensitive and using a manual ATU is proving interesting to say the least!

Well I'm at the stage now where I'm going to enjoy my new toy, I will use the K2 as my main radio for the next month, just to get used to it and to see how good it really is. 

I must admit looking at the shack now I'm beginning to build up quite a few pieces of kit. Not sure what my next project will be but I suspect some kind of antenna, I have a nice rotator sitting in my shed doing nothing, maybe I should attach it to a moxon or a yagi!!

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