Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rework Eliminator and KAF2

The audio filter KAF2 has now been completed but not yet installed. 

The kit was fairly easy to build and only took me a day to finish. Besides the KAF2 I have also built the Rework Eliminator which alleviates the pain of removing components from the K2 when installing the various options, it’s a sort of plug in and play which a lot of K2 owners recommend for obvious reasons. 
You simply break off the required circuit and plug it in to the area the option will sit within the K2, this acts as a cover until you are ready to install the option kit in to the circuit. This means when you purchase an extra option you do not have to unsolder any pieces of kit, you can just remove the eliminator and install your new option at will without the hassle of any soldering, a very simple but vital piece of kit. 

My only problem was that the Eliminator turned up late and I was well in to the build of the K2, so I thought better to wait until I’d completed the radio before installing, just means I have to dismantle the main box again and have a play on the circuit boards , but I think I can live with that

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