Monday, September 10, 2012

CW Audio Filter and Audio Amplifier

The CW filter from Hamshops arrived in the post today and as I have this week off I hope to get it built and set up with the 30 meter RockMite as soon as I can, although the RM 30 is still to arrive. The first thing you notice with the filter is just how small it is, believe me it's tiny and of course its surface mount! After watching a few demonstrations on You Tube I'm pretty certain I shouldn't have an issue when it come to SMD assembly.

I added the 5 pence coin so you get a rough idea of the size, apologies for the quality of the picture but the camera has literally just come to us and I'm still getting the hang of using it!

Good news on the Audio Amplifier front, I completed the build and it's working nicely. I'm especially pleased because it's my first home brew PCB build and although a very simple circuit it took some time to work out the layout, but once you have that sorted and know the basics like where ground and live are going to end up it all falls in to place! Its just a simple circuit using an LM386 amp, I added a few extras like the switch and LED, all good practice.

Fingers crossed the RM 30 will arrive in the next day or two and I can then get on to complete the collection of RockMites. Already thinking what an earth am I going to do when it's all completed, but I have joined the GQRP club and hope to gain some ideas about some more projects.

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