Monday, March 5, 2012

The 30 Meter Vertical Goes Up

Well I gave it some thought and decided over the weekend to progress with removing the moxon and try putting up a 30 meter vertical. I used the same principle for building an earlier 30 meter vertical but this time covered the wire antenna with PVC tubing and some fibreglass pole I had stored away. Unfortunately both PVC and fibreglass are white but I will darken them at a later date, but in the meantime at least it stands out a lot less than the scaffold pole I had for the moxon and certainly wont rub against any washing!

The picture above is literally just after completion and testing, the reason for the bend is that yesterday was a pretty windy day, I'm amazed I got it up at all!
SWR is very good 1:1 right across 30 meters and performance wise is probably better than the inverted V that I have hanging off the cobweb.
Below is a picture of the buried radials and the box containing all the connections (see earlier posts for how its all connected up). Although there only appears 12 wires showing it is in fact telephone wire so inside each cover are four thin wires making a total 48 radials which for the moment seems to do the job nicely, but I have room for a further eight cover connections should I require.

The other good news is that with a tuner the vertical behaves extremely well on other bands especially 10 meters and surprisingly enough 40 meters. Although some of the radials I did cut for 40 in case I wanted to lengthen the antenna at any time. So all in all a good weekends work.

Above is the moxon complete with poles placed to one side, I've advertised it in the local club website as it would be a shame to let it just sit there doing nothing.
Finally the picture below is of the silver birch tree that I've got my W3DZZ hanging off although its pretty difficult to see which is quite good news to me because that means no complaints! The telephone lines and the electric cable seems to stand out a lot more than the W3DZZ, but if you look closely you can see one trap bottom left just above the hill and the other trap to the middle right in front of the silver birch just below the telephone lines. Incidentally I get no issues from the electrical cable hanging below the telephone lines.

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