Monday, January 9, 2012

Antenna Analyzers and a 30m Switch Round

The Feature Tech AW06A Antenna analyzer I bought off Ebay has failed to show up. Originally purchased on December the 11th and having checked out the sellers reviews etc (as he was based in China), I thought I was getting a good deal. But to my cost it looks like I’ve been scammed, the feedback has suddenly come alive with other buyers complaining of not receiving their items. Hopefully I will get my money back, but it’s a lesson learnt which I wont forget in a hurry.

So last Friday I checked out all the UK dealers and bought myself an MFJ 259b, got a good price too, so all is not lost. To be honest I’m glad I got the MFJ, I’ve used one before and it does a lot more besides just giving you the SWR and it will certainly get well used in the shack.

Heard a ZL station for the first time on the 30m band this morning, checking my records I haven’t heard one on there since the last sunspot cycle. The explanation being that over the weekend I’ve moved the 30m inverted vee away from the cobweb mast and from facing north/south to hanging off the Moxon mast and facing west/east just as a little experiment and by all accounts it seems to have worked. Hopefully later this week when I get the chance I shall try and work both VK and ZL.

I also managed to take down the old Carolina Windom and replace it back with the W3DZZ which has now been serviced with the traps having a good clean up and should be back to being spot on their frequencies. After the past few storms we have had the W3DZZ certainly needed checking out as the traps had taken a right hammering in the high winds.

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