Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A New Toy

Well I’ve gone and done it, I’ve bought a Yaesu FT 1000 Mk V!
To be honest I’ve been hankering after the Mk V for sometime, having owned a 1000 MP many moons ago and although the FT-990 is a great rig, my preference was to always go back.

The FT 990 is a superb radio with a great receiver and ATU but compared to the FT 1000 MP V I had to do a double take because the difference was very noticeable. Receive on the FT 1000 MP V is a real treat, you have a much better filtering system so that you can narrow down interference and grab those stations right in the background.

So far I’ve only done one  qso with the new rig but got good reports and it was very easy to use. My only complaint so far is that the spot tone adjustment is situated at the back of the radio (unlike the original FT1000) which can be a pain, also the spot button is right underneath the sub receive dial so you need a delicate touch. Obviously this is a used radio but it has been thoroughly serviced even to the point that some of the lubricant sealant was still visible when the radio first arrived so a good clean was required. No extra filters have been fitted but I am already thinking about purchasing some, we'll just have to see what pops up on Ebay!

It’s early days yet and I need to thoroughly go through the manual, the FT 990 did not have menu settings etc so it’s a big change that I need to get used to, but so far I am very pleased and early worries about spending such a large sum of money have changed to why didn’t I do this before?
The FT990 will always be a real favourite and it’s a shame because I would like it as my second rig, but sadly it will have to be sold; I need to balance the books for buying the FT 1000 MP V!

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