Thursday, June 20, 2019

Out with the Old and In With the New

It's been a while since my last post but unfortunately as usual work and other projects have got in the way of radio. Suffice to say conditions have not been good and the only stations I have been hearing lately are the Europeans and some Russians but otherwise fairly quiet. The delta loop antenna has been useful as it has a quiet receive but as I have said conditions have been very bad.

I have a new transceiver an FTDX5000MP . I saw it on eBay and the seller was asking a fair amount of money for it, but mentioned at the end of his description that if it was the right radio he would also be interested in a part exchange.

I wrote to him asking if he'd be interested in my FTDX9000MP, as I have decided after having the stroke it is now too big an heavy for what I need. Although a fabulous transceiver which normally I wouldn't part with, I feel now the time is right. It's such a heavy beast and takes up half the radio room! 

The seller, a chap from Wales was interested in the 9000 and asked for pics which I duly sent. In the evening he was round at my house having travelled the 110 miles to get to me in the late afternoon, I think he was keen!

His FTDX5000MP was mint having still got the plastic covers over the screens. After a cup of tea and some chatting we did the swap and within an hour he was on his way home with his 9000 and I was happy with my new 5000, all was done and dusted by supper!

The FTDX5000MP is a very nice rig and the size compared to the 9000 is much better for me. Should the need arise I will look for an amp but at the moment I;'m perfectly happy with the 200W. It also has the Station Monitor SM-5000 which incorporates the speakers which is a nice touch.

I will have a play and then do a full write up, but initial reports are good and this seems like an excellent radio. I will miss the FTDX9000MP but I've had some good time with it and now is the time to move on.

Farewell My Sweet!

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