Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Weather Station

I’ve managed to purchase a weather station, I’ve been searching for a good one for the past 6 months mainly for reading the wind speed for my mast and antenna. As we sit in on a small raise in a valley the wind funnels through our area and can pick up speed fairly quickly, hence the nick name “windyville”! So I needed something just to warn me when it was getting too windy for the antenna and mast and when to take it down.

The other readings that came with the weather station are more of an interest than necessity, these are temperature indoor and outside, humidity, rainfall and wind direction. Now I find myself nipping to the shack seeing what the readings are and noting what’s changed, it can get quite addictive!

Of course the XYL whom actually bought it for me as a Christmas gift because my original gift a metal detector had unfortunately turned up broken, thinks I’ve gone a bit soft in the head cos all I talk about is the weather and reading off the station!

It’s only small and consists of two parts, the actual instruments which sit on a post in my paddock and the receiver which is in the shack. It was very easy to set up and should the need arise spare parts are easily available, (I know what the real winter storms are like round here)!

Now my Brother in Law a fellow ham has been round for a chat and seen the station and wants one for himself…….This is obviously catching!

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