Monday, April 30, 2018

The Kenwood TS 950 SD Has Gone!

Sadly I have let the old girl go as she wasn't being used regularly by me anymore simply because I was using the Yaesu FT1000 more and more. A chap down south has bought her and as far as I'm concerned got a great rig for a bargain price.

Before I let her go and when we were in negotiations I tested the radio one more time, just to see that she was running OK and to have one more little play and she didn't disappoint. Admittedly the receive is slightly down on the FT1000 but not by much, but every time I put out a CQ I got a reply back. These radios may now be old but they still pack a punch, I'll be sad top see her go!

Good bye old girl, I'll miss you!!

1 comment:

  1. You get attached to rigs you use a lot for a long time. The Kenwood TS-520 that was my first HF rig, and with which I earned my DXCC, is now looking at me forlornly from the retired shelf. I can’t bring myself to abandon the old girl.